Friday, August 24, 2012

Paper or Silicon?

This month I got paperback books of 4 of my  novels printed and in hand.  I know I have had my books online for sale for over a year, but it was a totally different thing.  To hold in my hand a book that I wrote and published was an amazing feeling.
I think the difference is the concrete proof...  Holding it in my hand gives me a true tactile feeling, and shows me something I did will be permanent.  Having an e-book out is great, but it is almost not real.  Yes, I know that I have sold to hundreds of people already, but when I see the hard pages  with my words I feel like I did something.

The reality is, I will likely sell more ebooks that print books of the same story.  But call me old fashioned,  I like paper.   I go to library sales and come home with boxes of books to read.  When I sit an wait my turn in line or in a waiting room,  I bring a paperback.   There is something comforting in paper; something familiar.  Plus when I am reading a paperback., if I fall asleep and/or drop it, no great loss.  it falls I pick it up, no problem.  Last time I dropped my iPad it cost me $299.00 to fix it (OUCH!).

Of course I have to admit  ebooks have me spoiled in some ways.  When I can't sleep, I don't need to have a light on to read an ebook.  It also has that great dictionary feature.   Now when I hit a word that is purely British or Australian, I can see what the bloody thing means. And the books do not take up household space.  That's another good thing.  My home is crowded with books.  Scifi, romance, occult, you name it, I have it.  E readers help keep people like me from being another episode on hoarders...

But back to the subject. of my books.   I now have Riske' run, Magick's bounty, Cabin in the woods, and Rise of Dawn on paperback.  They look really good, and I am looking forward to having a signing in one of the local bookstores. I hope many many people will come to a signing when I do it.

In the mean time, Green Haired Beauty is next on my  publication list.   look for it in about 2 months