Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring Cleaning in Summer

Spring cleaning in Summer

Did anyone else miss spring this year?  It seems like  we went from winter straight to summer..  the things I usually do I skipped for some silly reason, and am getting to them now.   The refuge cages spring cleaning, and the annual look over all my writing didn't happen until this last week.

I had not realized that I had so many things written.  I mean I have 11 novels ( 14 if you include the ones that are only partway done) and over a hundred articles of various types.  I look back at some of it and am amazed that I wrote that much.   Then a remember, Oh yeah, I am a writer.

Well, I am also a techie.  I admit it, I have a degree in technology and experience programming and working with computers since 1978.  No I am not cutting edge, but I am ahead of many people out there. As a techie and a writer, I decided I would put  a lot of my writing up on the web where it will do some good.  To that effort I made 2 new websites.

For my news type articles, I have put up the site  It is new, and I am allowing others to put up news type articles. there. I hope to have some of My Mom's stuff there.  (Anita Stone) she has been the main writer for the Rolesville buzz for several years, and she has columns in other papers as well.  In the mean time, if you like my writing, look over some of the articles up on that page.

For my religious / philosophy type articles and writings, I have created  Again, it is new.  I also sell some of my  off the wall semi occult stuff through this site.  But I have placed several (about 40) articles and writings I have made there on the page as free reads.

I guess the real truth is that writing is made to be read.  I would love to make a living at it, but I have never truly envisioned myself as doing it that way.  I mean I hate deadlines, and I do not like making changes because an editor does not like it , or it is a couple words too long.

Se here I am , Spring cleaning and airing out some of my prize  posessions, my art.. my writing.  I hope you all enjoy it.

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